These days, most of my creative energy is reserved for my company, Hoiland Media, and for Flourish Phoenix, which I edit. But here are some things I’ve had published elsewhere over the years.


What Gives You Hope? (symposium contribution), Comment, July 2014
My First Real Job
Fieldnotes, October 2013
Making Films With, Not About, the Homeless, Christianity Today, June 2013
Serving Justice vs. Saving Souls, Reject Apathy (cover story), December 2012
A Theology of Manufacturing (Part One and Part Two), Fieldnotes, November 2012
How Creative Business Blesses a City, Christianity Today, October 2012
Religious Liberty and the Pursuit of the Common Good, Comment, August 2012
A More Sustainable Peace, PRISM, July/August 2012
Tomato Justice, PRISM (cover story), May/June 2012
Hopes, Fears, and DREAMs (Part One and Part Two), Undocumented.tv, March 2012
Planting the Future, PRISM (cover story), July/August 2011
A Home For Life, PRISM, May/June 2011
An Education, Flourish, February 2011
Bowing to the Golden Calf, PRISM (cover story), November/December 2010
Going Home: Mining in Guatemala, Spirit, Fall/Winter 2010
Connecting the dots of the mining industry, GEEZ, November 2010
Return to El Salvador, Upside Down World, June 2010
The Rise of Mega-Church Efforts in International Development, Transformation, April 2009
AIDS and the church, The Mennonite, November 2007


Under the Sour Sun by Elmer Hernán Rodríguez Campos, Englewood Review of Books, May 2015
The Good of Politics
 by James Skillen, Englewood Review of Books, July 2014
The Locust Effect by Gary Haugen and Victor Boutros, PRISM, Spring 2014
Reading a Different Story by Susan VanZanten, Englewood Review of Books, February 2014
Playing God
 by Andy Crouch, PRISM, Winter 2014
Francis: A New World Pope by Michel Cool, Englewood Review of Books, November 2013
We Shall Not Be Moved by Tom Wooten, Englewood Review of Books, October 2012
Walking with the Poor by Bryant Myers, PRISM, July/August 2012
Leaving Egypt by Chuck DeGroat, Englewood Review of Books, June 2012
Gandhi and the Unspeakable by James Douglass, Englewood Review of Books, April 2012
Bird on Fire by Andrew Ross, Englewood Review of Books, February 2012
Haiti After The Earthquake by Paul Farmer, PRISM, January/February 2012
Little Princes by Conor Grennan, PRISM, September/October 2011
An Evangelical Social Gospel? by Tim Suttle, Englewood Review of Books, September 2011
Book Review: Travel as a Political Act by Rick Steves, PRISM, June 2011
Book Review: Generous Justice by Timothy Keller, PRISM, March/April 2011


How Can We Stop the Demand for Child Sex Tourism and Instead Create a Demand for Child Safe Tourism?Stopping the Traffick: A Christian Response to Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, May 2014
Life-giving Rhythms, 100 Days of Hope: A Devotional Journal, January 2013