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The President’s immigration speech

Photo courtesy of The White House

Yesterday in El Paso, President Obama gave a speech on “building a 21st century immigration system.” Although immigration reform is a divisive issue for some, seemingly everyone agrees that the status quo isn’t working. So I’m glad that Obama is bringing the issue back into focus, and while there’s not much indication this will happen, I sure hope it may signal a new beginning for constructive, healthy, bi-partisan debate that will lead to real results that work both for our immigrant families and for our country as a whole.

For thoughtful, Christian perspectives on the immigration debate, I’d recommend two books:

Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion and Truth in the Immigration Debate by Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang, both with World Relief, the humanitarian arm of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible by M. Daniel Carroll R., a Guatemalan-American seminary professor and author.