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Remembering Iraq with Preemptive Love

This week marks six months since U.S. troops completed their withdrawal from Iraq. Regardless of one’s opinions about the war, I hope we don’t forget about those returning home. They need us.

I also hope we don’t forget the Iraqis themselves. Nine years of war will take a toll on a country, and all the more when it occurs not in some dusty place far away with strange names but in neighborhoods with homes, schools, markets, places of worship, and often indecipherable enemy lines.

I want to give you one great way to ensure the people of Iraq are not forgotten.

For a variety of reasons, some of which predate the war, there’s a huge backlog of children in Iraq who require heart surgeries due to life-threatening birth defects. A group called Preemptive Love has stepped in to address this problem. Here’s a short video with Ahmed’s story.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Preemptive Love’s work, you could consider starting a fundraiser, becoming a monthly sponsor, or even volunteering (that is, if you happen to specialize in pediatric cardiac care). At the very least, you can sign up to learn more.

Here’s another video, this one a TEDxAustin Talk given by Jeremy Courtney, who tells some gripping stories of how the organization began and what it aims to do.