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Repaso: World Cup 2014 Edition

+ First, a New York Times Magazine interactive piece on the so-called curse of Maracanã, which has haunted Brazilian fans since 1950. + I’ve picked Argentina to face Brazil in the final, and if that happens it’ll be the biggest stage of Lionel Messi’s career… Read more

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Repaso: June 6, 2014

+ David Brooks via Fr. Chris Schutte: “The purpose of life is not to find yourself; it’s to lose yourself.” + Mark Galli: “But the more I get to know myself, the more I see layers and layers of mixed motives.” + Last weekend Katie… Read more

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Repaso: May 23, 2014

+ Stephen Woodworth meets his neighbors in NPR’s Borderland. + Things started to look up for the D-backs a little bit over the past week. There was of course the announcement that the legendary Tony La Russa would be joining the club as Chief Baseball… Read more

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Repaso: May 16, 2014

+ During grad school I spent a fair amount of time on Amtrak trains in and near Philadelphia. As magical as railways sometimes are, the environs directly adjacent to railroad tracks often can be fairly dismal. With that in mind, I welcome this effort to beautify… Read more

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Repaso: May 9, 2014

+ “I’ve been to La Guardia and I’ve been to Guatemala, and if I were Guatemala, I’d sue for defamation.” + When Justin met Francis. + Miroslav Volf’s “modest proposal” for the reintegration of religion in higher education. + I owe a lot to Twitter.… Read more