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Repaso: August 9, 2013

1. Phoenix, then and now (simultaneously)
This week I stumbled upon TRUPHX, a blog curated by people committed to celebrating what’s good in Phoenix and the locals who make it so. Curious how the Phoenix of yesteryear compared with the city today, Hector Primero dug up old photos and then went around town taking pictures of what those places look like today. He then photoshopped them together, and the results are a truly fascinating way of seeing how the city has changed.


2. Taking responsibility in Haiti
The Yale Law School and the Yale School of Public Health have jointly published a report on the responsibility of the U.N. for the cholera epidemic in Haiti, “one of the largest cholera epidemics in modern history.” Though details about the outbreak’s origins are pretty clear, and while the U.N. has called for efforts to combat the spread of cholera, it still hasn’t accepted responsibility for causing the epidemic in the first place. It may not be light weekend reading, but reports like these are essential for the sake of accountability.

3. Beyond economic solutions to poverty
The editorial team at Shared Justice has introduced a new series on poverty and opportunity. The first piece looks at the relational, spiritual, social, and institutional aspects of poverty, and considers what this kind of a holistic understanding means for us:

Our work as Christians extends beyond church walls when we reach out to foster healthy friendships with neighbors—many of whom may be lacking healthy social connections. These efforts encourage the healing of broken relationships that perpetuate poverty. Whatever other directions we take in seeking to alleviate poverty, we must never abandon our primary task: attesting to Scripture’s fuller vision of flourishing that encompasses the wholeness of our humanity in right relationship with God.

4. Krista Tippett, public listener
My friend Katelyn Beaty (@katelynbeaty) recently interviewed Krista Tippett (@kristatippett), host of On Being (formerly Speaking Of Faith) about “the ministry of listening,” among other things. I especially loved this part:

I’m interested in recovering the idea of public theology. Ten years ago, when you would talk about Niebuhr, people would say, “Well, who is the Niebuhr of our day? It’s all fine and good to talk about how great Niebuhr was, but we don’t have Niebuhrs anymore. Whom can we point to?” There can’t be any more Niebuhrs. I don’t even know if we could have a Martin Luther King now. The change makers are dispersed and plural; they’re in local communities, and they’re not all white Protestant guys. Public theology is very different. We have to look for it a little bit more. It’s not just going to declare itself and be anointed on the cover of Time. But that’s good, because it puts all of us back in the equation, both to be leaders and to seek out the people who we want to have that authority.

5. Eye of the Hurricane
Here’s the latest video from Derek Webb’s (@derekwebb) new album, I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, and I Love You. It’s a great stripped down, acoustic version of the recording.

[Image: Corner of 1st St and Washington St, Phoenix (then and now) by Hector Primero via]

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