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Cornelius Plantinga on vocation

To follow their main vocation of serving the kingdom of God, Christians pursue a wonderful array of sub-vocations. They sing, pray, and hand each other the body and blood of Christ. They rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. They fight against evil, but also fly kites and bake bread. As part of their vocation they absorb good books and good music. They work, but also rest from work in order to make a space in which to long for God. Some of them join volunteer groups that turn rails to trails, or that assist flood victims, or that paint somebody’s house. In an emergency, an adult Christian might spend herself for a friend who is dying – sitting with her, praying with her, encouraging her, seeing to some of her needs. This isn’t a job that appears on any government list of occupations, but it is a calling of God, and it is surely a contribution to the kingdom of God.”

(Engaging God’s World, p. 114)

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