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An invitation to The Justice Conference – Phoenix Simulcast


One of the highlights of 2012 for Katie and me was the opportunity to attend The Justice Conference in Portland in February. We loved the chance to hear from provocative and thoughtful speakers (my notes are here), to participate in the topical pre-conference breakouts, to mill around in the exhibit hall, to catch up with friends new and old, and simply to experience Portland’s weirdness.

In 2013 (February 22 and 23, to be precise), the conference is moving across the country to Philadelphia, and once again the lineup is top-notch. For those who can make the trek – and for those already near the Philly area – it’ll be well worth your time to be there in person.

But for many others who don’t have the time, the money, or the inclination to travel, there’s great news: the conference will also be simulcast to cities across North America, including Phoenix! I happen to be coordinating the Phoenix simulcast, so if you live in this neck of the woods, I’d like to invite you to come (and to help us spread the word).

When? The simulcast will be live, corresponding to the main conference’s schedule, with two sessions Friday evening (the 22nd) and seven more on Saturday (the 23rd).

Who? The jaw-dropping list of speakers includes:

Where? The Phoenix simulcast will be held at New City Church (4331 N. Central Ave), conveniently located in Phoenix along the light rail and, as a matter of utmost importance, just a stone’s throw from Lux Coffee.

TJC_Simulcast_NoYear_Pos_RGBHow Much? All the basic info is available at the conference’s simulcast page, including pricing and the registration form. If you can, I’d recommend taking advantage of the Holiday Rate available through the end of the year (that’s next Monday!). We don’t know how quickly it’ll sell out, but space is somewhat limited, so please do register sooner than later.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, tweet me, message me, or call me (if you’re privy to my number, that is).

All registration will happen through the conference’s site (here’s that link again), but we’ve also created a Facebook event page to help us (and you) spread the word. Please join us!


  1. Thanks for the lead. I look forward to tracking along. I also yearn for the day when the mission-driven CEO/owner of a major international employer is given a prominent plenary at a Christian justice conference. To my knowledge, that hasn’t yet happened.

  2. tjh

    Justice people and business people should get to know each other, it’s true.

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