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Repaso: Os Guinness interview; car pooling in Mexico; development blogger who’s who; better short-term mission trips; theology of place

1. Carpooling in Mexico
Alejandro Cartagena is a Dominican-born photographer who lives in Monterrey, Mexico. His recent project features overhead photos from an overpass of workers riding in flatbed pickup trucks in Mexico. I first heard about it via the New York Times Lens blog, which provides some background info, but I actually prefer viewing the project on his site, where the photos lie side by side.

2. Os Guinness interview
Skye Jethani (senior editor of Leadership Journal, author of With) and Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales) have started a new podcast. The fact that their most recent episode features a nearly hour-long conversation with Os Guinness caught my attention. They discuss topics like evangelicalism, the Religious Right, and pluralism in society. I’d love to see Os’s face when Phil sings his impromptu opening and closing songs.

3. Who’s who among development bloggers
Aaron Ausland, a great international development blogger in his own right, has a new “who’s who” list of bloggers in the genre. If you’re really interested in digging in and becoming conversant with some great thinkers and practitioners in the field of development, follow Aaron’s blog and the others on his list.

4. Toward better short-term mission trips
In last week’s Repaso, I included the first two parts of Darren Carlson’s series on the benefits and drawbacks of short-term mission trips. Here’s part three, suggesting a better way to approach the phenomenon.

5. Richard Twiss on a theology of place
Richard Twiss, a Native leader really worth listening to, was a recent guest speaker at Antioch Church in Bend, Oregon. The full video of that message is here. If you have a shorter attention span, at least check out this four-minute clip about the importance of developing a theology of place:

Repaso is intended as a thought-provoking compilation of news and commentary from the past week related to the intersections of faith, development, justice and peace. As always, I welcome your thoughts on any of the links and ideas in this roundup!

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